LAVAN development

Our focus and passion is LAVAN by Omikron Systems, the innovative vivarium management software for lean and efficient management and operations for all modern animal facilities. We are in a close dialogue with LAVAN customers and the market. Our professional development team is continuously working on the improvement of existing LAVAN functionality and user experience. Furthermore, we are constantly developing novel features that will provide even greater value to all LAVAN users in the future. Novel LAVAN versions are regularly deployed to all LAVAN customers.

      LAVAN hosting

Omikron Systems offers different hosting solutions for LAVAN. We can provide the complete hosting service for your institution. In this case you get access to your highly performant LAVAN system in the cloud and peace of mind. Alternatively you can host LAVAN locally in your institution. Even in this case we will provide essential services such as monitoring your installation or installing regular updates for you. We are happy to discuss the different options in detail. Together we will find the best hosting solution for you.

      LAVAN customer support

All our customers get a professional service package including continuous customer support. For all your questions around LAVAN we will always find the right answers. Customer satisfaction is key to us. Ask our references!