FAQs & the advantages of LAVAN

FAQs and advantages of LAVAN

Every day animal caretakers, scientists and animal welfare officers face a variety of challenges. LAVAN was developed with the focus on the animal and the user. The following frequently asked questions (FAQs) will help to overlook the advantages of LAVAN in more detail.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

LAVAN is the software solution for better vivarium management. It comes along with three different user interfaces, especially developed to support e.g. animal caretakers in the animal room, as well as scientists and administrators in their offices. LAVAN - our animal facility software solution offers helpful features to:

  • Reach highest levels of compliance, e.g. by easy license & protocol management and continuous reporting means fun with LAVAN
  • Ensure smooth & professional management of animal facilities
  • Competence management e.g. by maintaining necessary employee certifications
  • Manage research animals as an animal caretaker (e.g. checks and mating), as a scientist (e.g. ordering samples, mating tasks, transfer tasks) and schedule veterinary care
  • Administrate facility personnel & directly adapt to animal illness or staff absence
  • Accurately manage census, billing, reporting & forecasting
  • Better communication by a professional task managemant system
  • Better compliance by a powerful reporting system & control tools to e.g. track irregular severity assessments of experimental animals
  • Highest levels of operational efficiency by saving time, money & resources
  • Full transparency in your animal facility by best cage & animal tracking, as well as 100% precise & continuous documentation of all animal data
  • Highest standards of animal welfare through tracking ill or abnormal animals and providing veterinary care on the short way, species-specific configurable logic for mating, weaning, meeting the needs of each individual
  • Going green with LAVAN and gain more sustainability, LAVAN supports the paper-free animal room, all capacities & animal/cage movements are trackable for best overview & navigation

For more information of LAVAN features visit: functional features.

The following unique features are offered by LAVAN:

  • Optimized user interfaces (touch for the animal room, desktop solution for lab & office)
  • Species-specific logic for gestation and weaning, the user gets navigated to cages where tasks are biologically due independently from common husbandry
  • User-specific roles and associated permissions (authorization management)
  • Cage cards can be printed in PDF format anytime with a standard A4 printer
  • Fully compliant & automatic documentation: for experimental animals the file number of the corresponding license, the name of the investigator and the name of the executor is documented according to the latest legal requirements
  • Efficient communication is supported between all users, e.g. between scientists and caretakers through an automated task management system (e.g. for expected pubs, weaning of pubs, animal checks, so caretakers are supported effectively during daily work)
  • Task authorization: specific tasks can be ordered by scientists, e.g. matings, animal transfers, sampling or free tasks
  • Professional sampling tool, e.g. for automated sampling for genotyping purposes of weaned pubs (configurable for each individual project), each sample is generated in a guided process and is easily trackable afterwards
  • Genotyping results can be implemented for an individual animal, as well as for groups, too
  • Complete visualization of the whole facility including departments, units, rooms, racks, cages; each cage gets a unique position number & each animal gets a unique animal code, which makes animal movements easy to track
  • The revolutionary mating tool simplifies breeding of e.g. genetically modified animals by offering a comprehensive overview of strains, genes and alleles basing on scientific guidelines and according to biogenetic requirements; sophisticated rules and standards offer suitable mating partners and actively avoid irregular matings
  • Administrated organization of all licenses and and projects with breeding and experimental colonies, real-time access to all animal data anytime
  • Productive breeding and colony management, LAVAN highlights unproductive mating pairs
  • Subsequent documentation of all animal related data in real time avoids input data errors
  • Easy system setup with very low training requirements, LAVAN implementation is possible within few weeks
  • Professional IT- and user support anytime and available without any limits

There are no limits in users & animals for a LAVAN system.

LAVAN is able to depict and support many routine tasks of all staff working in an animal facility.

Animal caretakers, are important animal welfare executives in the animal rooms. Omikron Systems provides LAVAN as portable tablet software solution, and as desktop version. LAVAN supports their daily animal care process actively, where e.g. abnormalities and illnesses can be directly documented. Routine tasks, as for example: mating, cage changes, reductions, sampling, transfers, weaning or mapping pubs are highlighted on time in LAVAN. The staff is navigated to cages where tasks are biologically due and guided through e.g. distinct sampling processes. Our software solution measurably facilitates daily animal tasks by professional workflow management and a sophisticated underlying business logic.

Scientists need a project-related full overview on their animals anytime in real time. With LAVAN they get this information with few clicks. Even more important, are the overall animal numbers according to licenses especially at the end of a month/year. These numbers are continuously collected and shown for each project by LAVAN. License and TVA/IACUC administration & application is always a tender spot. LAVAN actively supports this critical process, providing a platform for animal welfare officers and scientists for actively lived teamwork. The communication culture between scientists and animal caretakers is massively optimized by an automated task management system. Scientists can order matings, samplings, transfers or may reserve certain animals for experimental purposes and animal caretakers get these due orders directly on their tablet. With LAVAN creating monthly reports is accomplished quickly. Hence, for scientists only few wishes remain open using LAVAN.

For animal welfare officers/ veterinarians/ administrators LAVAN provides a full overview on all animals and species within their facility. Heading the whole infrastructure of the animal facility becomes fun with LAVAN, since all buildings, rooms, units, racks and cages are visually implemented. The transformation of all hygienic and biogenetic legal requirements is actively supported by LAVAN, too. Realizing compliant animal welfare is not a phrase with LAVAN, but actively implemented, e.g. by a control panel for irregular severity assessments and a complete view on ill or abnormal animals in e.g. experiments or burdened strains.

It's finally here: the novel & innovative animal facility management software with multilevel support for the entire workforce.

LAVAN provides a tool for competence management. Each LAVAN user gets his or her own profile, where certificates, licenses or other documents can be uploaded & stored. Furthermore, each user gets his or her own permissions for project and/or animal access. Hence, LAVAN also supports actively lived authorization management.

Omikron Systems offers LAVAN as a Service (Software as a Service, SaaS) and this is not only a phrase or company claim, but a mission.

Each LAVAN customer system includes a productive system and a sandbox system. All LAVAN customers get the highly performant LAVAN customer system, comprehensive customer support and continuous LAVAN updates that include the latest novel and enhanced LAVAN features without charging extra fees. Our customer support won't end after LAVAN implementation in your facility - our mission is just beginning here!

To learn more about the services provided by Omikron Systems follow services.

In LAVAN, all animals are organized in projects (breeding, husbandry, experiments), that can be individually administrated. Special reservation of animals or distinct purpose groups (special diets etc.) within these projects can be organized in subgroups, down to level four.

LAVAN provides its own professional platform to prepare and administrate IACUC protocols and licenses. Scientists, as well as animal welfare officers or the IACUC review board are working together here. Thus, time effective teamwork leads to fast approval by the authorities. 

Omikron Systems offers different hosting solutions for LAVAN. We can provide the complete hosting service for your institution. In this case you get access to your highly performant LAVAN system in the cloud and peace of mind. Alternatively you can host LAVAN locally in your institution. Even in this case we will provide essential services such as monitoring your installation or installing regular updates for you.

It takes not even three steps to your initial LAVAN system setup:

  • Server setup (hosted either on site or in external cloud)
  • LAVAN deployment on server (through remote access)
  • LAVAN configuration

This initial deployment will take less than 5 working days. Approximately 12 updates per year are deployed automatically through remote access. Hence, no further tasks need to be carried out by the client.

The following link will guide you to our software rollout map:


Fortunately, there's not much to do for you. You'll need WLAN in all animal rooms and tablets as mobile companions for your animal caretakers. All the rest is done by us.

LAVAN systems setup is done within a few days. Since training requirements are very low,  your LAVAN system can be used within a few weeks. Based on our customer experience full LAVAN system implementation takes in between two weeks and six months, depending on the size of your animal facility.

Each LAVAN customer system includes a productive system and a sandbox system. All LAVAN customers get the highly performant LAVAN customer system, comprehensive customer support and continuous LAVAN updates that include the latest novel and enhanced LAVAN features. Our customer support won't end after LAVAN implementation in your facility - our mission is just beginning here!

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