LAVAN by Omikron Systems

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LAVAN is the state-of-the-art professional management program that will help improve virtually all aspects of work done in your animal facility.

Extremely powerful web-application

LAVAN is a web-application with access through a browser and no local installation. LAVAN has specific user interfaces optimized for user groups that primarily work on PCs/Laptop computers and for personnel working in animal rooms. For work in animal rooms LAVAN is optimized for touch-pad devices and guides the user to specific cages/tanks where certain tasks need to be performed. Work with the animals is strongly process-driven. LAVAN does real-time documentation of all relevant events in a GLP-conform fashion and complies with all legal requirements e.g. with regard to gene-technology legislation or animal welfare legislation including 2010/63/EU.

Easy to use and highly efficient

LAVAN will help optimize the management of and work in your animal facility and will allow you to save money and ressources. This is achieved for example by promoting more efficient breeding management, thereby also reducing the number of animals needed. Furthermore, LAVAN comes with a system of cage position tracking and visualisation that allows very high cage usage without hampering the work in the animal room (above 95% cage usage possible!). This allows significant savings compared to conventional database systems. Another advantage of LAVAN is its very intuitive and easy to learn usage for all user groups plus excellent data integrity due to regular cage audits. LAVAN supports ALL species. LAVAN always comes as a production system and a sandbox-system for training and testing purposes and can be hosted locally or remotely “in the cloud”.

Always up to date

LAVAN is offered as a service (Software as a Service, SaaS). The annual fee includes full support, regular updates including continuous improvements and the deployment of all novel LAVAN functions. LAVAN has no limits on number of users or animals in the system. The fee depends on the size of the customer‘s animal facility measured in cages/boxes/tanks and is an annual flat-fee. If desired, we can offer a test installation that can be transferred to the permanent installation without data loss.